Resilience in Entrepreneurship

Hey guys here in San Francisco and wanted to do a little entry for the day and one thing I want to talk about is basically resilience in entrepreneurship and being resilient as a founder. One thing that I heard a couple of years back and I think I was reading this from my Y Combinator/Paul Graham post, who was a founder and entrepreneur, essentially having extreme resilience every single day by not letting the feelings or perception of euphoria or terror get a hold of you. That means if good happens to the business, if something potentially not so desirable happens to the business your emotions don’t go with it, you’re staying even keel, so you’re not going through highs and ups and lows, and that’s the best way and that’s probably the most fatiguing element to an entrepreneur and founder that can happen. So, no matter what happens always stay focused and in the middle. Almost like a super soldier, almost, like a soldier mentality; probably the best one that’s out there. Anyway, I wanted to share that. The theme of resilience. Thank you.