How to make an impactful presentation. Top 10 silver bullet tips:

1 – Body language:  Focus on your posture and stay even while talking, so no slouching, pacing, etc

2 – Speak with enthusiasm and conviction.  Get pumped or don’t present

3 – Know your presentation, so you don’t depend on your slides for content

4 – Tape yourself and play back to catch “uhs/ums” and all other mistakes

5 – 10-20-30:  No more than 10 slides, less than 20 minutes, and no less than 30 font.  Insert photos to spice up, but leave out all clip art.

6 – No more than 8 words across and 6 lines down for your bullets.  For detailed information, hand out those documents afterward to not distract your audience.

7 – Ensure your bullets roll in one click at a time.  No flashy effects and use a remote clicker with a timer.

8 – Know your audience.  Tell them what you are going to accomplish through your presentation, tell them, and recap.

9 – Make eye contact and project yourself.  Inject humor where appropriate.

10 – Save time for questions and record what could have been better.